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Computational Fluid Dynamics with OpenFOAM: An Introduction (start April 02)

OpenFOAM is an open-source library for solving PDEs with wide applications in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and beyond. This seminar will introduce students to the basic concepts of computational fluid dynamics and enable students to set up flow simulations in OpenFOAM, including generating grids, setting initial/boundary conditions, running simulations, post-processing, and developing customized solvers.

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All lecture documents and teaching materials can be accessed via the university portals "CAMPUS" and / or "ILIAS".

Lectures of the current semester

For detailed information, in particular for semester specific information such as course identification number, please refer to the given PDF file.

B.Sc. courses

  • Thermodynamics I
    - Main laws of thermodynamics
    - Treatment of thermodynamic quantities and important terms

  • Thermodynamics II
    - Application of thermodynamics to simple flow processes
    - Circular processes of working and thermal engines

  • Heat radiation
    - Generation of heat radiation
    - Description of the propagation of heat radiation
    - Energetic description of the heat radiation of solid and liquid bodies
    - Thermodynamic properties of thermal radiation

  • Heat transfer
    - thermal conduction
    - Convective heat transfer
    - Dimensionless key figures
    - Nusselt-Relationships
    - Structure and relevant parameters of heat exchangers
  • Simulation technology - Droplet dynamics
  • Experimental technology in aeronautics and space travel

M.Sc. courses

  • Analytical and numerical methods
  • Analysis of drip dynamic processes
  • Analytical solution methods for heat and mass transfer problems
  • Dimensional analysis
  • Introduction to Quantum Mechanics and Spectroscopy
  • Elastic/inelastic light scattering
  • Basics of turbulence modelling
  • High-temperature measurement technology
  • Instationary gas dynamics and shock tube problems
  • Kinetic Gas Theory
  • Compressible flows II
  • Laser and Optoelectronics in the LRT
  • Measuring method of heat transport
  • Blade cooling design
  • Numerical modeling of multiphase flows
  • Special problems of heat transfer
  • heat transfer intensification

Further courses

  • Industrial property rights, application and use of patents
  • Seminar for multiphase flows
  • Guide to scientific work for doctoral students
  • Guide to Scientific Experimentation for Doctoral Students
  • Seminar for Bachelor's, Master's, Study and Diploma Theses
  • Seminar for doctoral students

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