This image shows Karin Schlottke

Karin Schlottke


Research Associate
Institute of Aerospace Thermodynamics


+49 711 685 62321
+49 711 685 62317

Pfaffenwaldring 31
70569 Stuttgart
Room: 1-114


Droplet dynamics : Modeling the near drop neighborhood of evaporating fuel drops

  1. Schlottke, K. (2014). Preparation of the Differential Infrared Thermography DIT Method for Fuel Injections in High Pressure and Temperature Environments. 10th PEGASUS-AIAA Student Conference, Prague, Czech Republic.
  2. Lamanna, G., Kamoun, H., Arnold, B., Schlottke, K., Weigand, B., & Steelant, J. (2013). Differential infrared thermography (DIT) in a flashing jet: a feasibility study. Quantitative Infrared Thermography Journal, 10(1), Article 1.
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