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Patrick Palmetshofer


Research associate
Institute of Aerospace Thermodynamics (ITLR)


Pfaffenwaldring 31
70569 Stuttgart
Room: 1.102


Droplet dynamics: Droplet impact on superhydrophilic surfaces
Research network : Droplet Interaction Technologies *DROPIT*

  1. Palmetshofer, P., Geppert, A. K., Steigerwald, J., Arcos Marz, T., & Weigand, B. (2024). Thermocapillary central lamella recess during droplet impacts onto a heated wall. Scientific Reports, 14(1), Article 1.
  2. Palmetshofer, P., Heckel, J., Geppert, A., & Weigand, B. (2023). Experimental investigation of the height and angle of an uprising sheet occurring in near-simultaneous double droplet impacts onto smooth surfaces of varying wettability. ILASS Europe 2023, 32nd European Conference on Liquid Atomization & Spray Systems: 4-7 Sept 2023, Napoli, Italy.
  3. Palmetshofer, P., Ren, W., Steigerwald, J., Geppert, A., & Weigand, B. (2023). Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Droplet Impacts onto Pillars with a Wetted Base. ICMF 2023: 11th International Conference on Multiphase Flow, Kobe, Japan.
  4. Palmetshofer, P., Foltyn, P., Geppert, A., & Weigand, B. (2022). Dynamic contact angle measurements of droplets spreading on surfaces of varying wettability. Proceedings of the DIPSI Workshop 2022: Droplet Impact Phenomena & Spray Investigations, Bergamo, Italy, 1st July 2022.
  5. Palmetshofer, P. (2021). Fully coupled numerical simulation of a transpiration cooled rocket thrust chamber with combustion modeling. Universität Stuttgart.
  6. Palmetshofer, P., Steinhausen, C., Preusche, A., Dreizler, A., Weigand, B., & Lamanna, G. (2018). Comparison Of Diffusion Models For Application In Low- To High-pressure Droplet Evaporation Problems. ICLASS 2018: 14TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON LIQUID ATOMIZATION & SPRAY SYSTEMS.
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