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Florian Seibold

Research Associate
Institute of Aerospace Thermodynamics


+49 711 685-65774
+49 711 685-62317

Pfaffenwaldring 31
70569 Stuttgart
Room: 1-126


Heat Transfer : Experimental and numerical investigations of flow and heat transfer in conical cyclone cooling chambers

  1. Seibold, F., & Weigand, B. (2021). Numerical analysis of the flow pattern in convergent vortex tubes for cyclone cooling applications. International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow, 90, 108806.
  2. Seibold, F., Schwab, A., Dubois, V., Poser, R., Weigand, B., & von Wolfersdorf, J. (2020). Conduction and Inertia Correction for Transient Thermocouple Measurements. Part I: Analytical and Numerical Modeling. XXV Biennial Symposium on Measuring Techniques in Turbomachinery.
  3. You, Y., Seibold, F., Wang, S., Weigand, B., & Gross, U. (2020). URANS of turbulent flow and heat transfer in divergent swirl tubes using the k-ω SST turbulence model with curvature correction. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 159, 120088.
  4. Seibold, F., Weigand, B., Marsik, F., & Novotny, P. (2019). Thermodynamic Stability Condition of Swirling Flows in Convergent Vortex Tubes. Proceedings of the International Gas Turbine Congress 2019 Tokyo.
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