This image shows Weibo Ren

Weibo Ren


Research associate
Institute of Aerospace Thermodynamics


+49 711 685 62323
+49 711 685 62317

Pfaffenwaldring 31
70569 Stuttgart
Room: 1-130


Droplet dynamics: Numerical simulation of drop impact on structured surfaces
Research network : Droplet Interaction Technologies *DROPIT*


  1. Ren, W., Hu, Y., & Weigand, B. (2022). Splashing During Simultaneous Two Drops Impact Onto A Micropillared Superhydrophilic Surface.
  2. Ren, W., Foltyn, P., Geppert, A., & Weigand, B. (2021). Air entrapment and bubble formation during droplet impact onto a single cubic pillar. Scientific Reports.
  3. Ren, W., Reutzsch, J., & Weigand, B. (2020). Direct Numerical Simulation of Water Droplets in Turbulent Flow. Fluids.
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