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November 12, 2020

International graduate college "DROPlet Interactions Technologies" (DROPIT) is funded for a further four and a half years

How droplets relate to one another and to their environment plays an important role in many industrial applications: in evaporation processes, in the spray cooling of food, in combustion processes in engines or in space travel. The droplet interactions taking place here are the focus of the DROPIT graduate school, which has existed since 2016 and is now being funded for a further four and a half years. 

Recent advances in technology and the need to develop appropriate design tools require the consideration of interface kinetics and / or detailed analysis of surface microstructures. Usually, however, the complex technical processes obscure the underlying detailed processes. This makes it very difficult to extract and model these detailed processes. The research training group is now dedicated to understand these detailed processes.

Different types of droplet interaction are examined, the interactions between droplets and gas, droplets and walls, as well as droplets and liquids - three areas that are also closely related to one another.

The German Research Foundation is funding the 11 German sub-projects in the Graduate School with a total of more than 4 million euros. The Italian universities from Bergamo and Trento are actively involved in the projects with several researchers. In the first funding period, the intensive collaboration between researchers in Stuttgart, Bergamo and Trento led to a large number of excellent scientific results, which were reflected, among other things, in a book published by Springer Verlag. In the second funding period, which has now been approved, the research program will also be consistently expanded to include the interaction of several droplets and additional physical phenomena.

The training program of the graduate college includes both specialized seminars and international workshops as well as a summer school that takes place every three years. The exchange and networking of the individual participants in the international research training group are of particular importance.

Further Information:

Internationales Graduiertenkolleg „Technologien für Tropfen-interaktionen“ (DROPIT), University of Stuttgart, Bergamo und Trento (Italien), 


Spokesman: Prof. Bernhard Weigand, University of Stuttgart, Institute for Aerospace Thermodynamics (ITLR), Tel. +49 711 685-63590, E-Mail

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